Core Team

No Company can reach its maximum potential without a seasoned team of advisors. Our Fruition Advisors are instrumental in guiding and supporting Fruition as we strategically strive to accomplish our vision. We envision a world where entrepreneurs and innovators, through the eyes of their communities, develop technologies that address the core needs of the people in view of their cultural, social, economic and political ecosystems

 Meet the Fruition Core Team below.

Wesley Okeke

Chief Executive Officer

Wesley graduated from Northeastern University, Boston MA. with a EE. He started Fruition after a 20 year career in Business Development, Marketing and Sales within technology companies based in Boston and eventually Silicon Valley. Wesley’s career took him to Asia, Europe, Canada, South America and throughout the USA. His key responsibilities were to develop new customer markets for new tech based products, covering over 10 industry types. Internally Wesley supported the 3 global divisions in the areas of marketing and product development.

Having been an entrepreneur several times in his life, Wesley very much relates to the anxieties and challenges most startups, engineers and entrepreneurs face on a day to day basis. “From my own experience, there are many days that I have asked myself, why I am doing this , What in the world do I do next, or I tell myself that I am going to fail for sure this time. Other days are totally the opposite, and I am on top of the world again”. We all know that both extremes are not true.

From his years of experience in “Corporate”, Wesley Okeke learned the vital importance of having a simple and clear process to successfully take an idea from concept to launch. Over the years with the support of many advisors, Wesley has perfected the “5 Steps to Fruition Process” as an answer to this need. As he shares “My desire is to see all businesses develop their product or services by first defining their core purpose and place in their industry, and second to build an effective team, while keeping in mind the need to be economically sensitive”.

Wesley ensures that each entrepreneur’s journey is never a lonely one. Every client is matched with a committed interim COO to help with the stability, guidance and support that is critical for the development of a product or a business. He also is committed to connecting his clients to quality experts for advise on just about any Industry. For every entrepreneur or engineer he reminds them of 3 key points “Collaboration is critical, creating a sustainable product for your customer is mandatory and to never forget that personal growth is vital”.

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More of Wesley journey

Wesley Okeke had the spark of creativity and a love of science bred in him from the start. Born and raised in Nigeria to a lively family of six children, Wesley learned much about the world from his parents, a civil engineer and a dietician. As a child, he aspired to be a scientist, often taking things apart and building electronic gadgets from random parts - with the occasional electrical fire here and there. Each year, he looked forward to his annual trips to the U.S., where he would buy new tools and gadgets to feed his passion for electronics and creative problem-solving.  At the age of 14, Wesley moved to the U.S. to attend Indiana’s prestigious Culver Military Academy. The Academy instilled in him an additional level of discipline, maturity, responsibility and independence. One summer at the tender of age of 16, Wesley returned home to Nigeria to manage a 15-person team at his parents’ hotel, giving him his first taste of managing a team, organizing and building a business.  After graduation, Wesley continued his academic pursuits at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in computer science. A self-taught computer programmer at the age of 19, he began to build computers and write his own computer programs, which led to his creation of a real estate program that he utilized as a real estate agent, then broker at age 22 both in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and property manager. At 24, Wesley stepped away from real estate to further a career in computer programming at Arthur Blank. From programmer to Department Manager and finally to a Project Engineer, Wesley steadily continued his career growth in both technology and business. Wesley applied his passion for and growing interest in automation engineering. In just three days, he built a solution-based program for his company to the attention of the management team. A decade later, he switched gears to pursue application engineering, working with new technology and quickly moving up in that area of the company over the next year.  Wesley strongly believes that God put him on earth to contribute to society positively and to humanity sacrificially for the greater good of others. Over the years, his strong desire to help people reach their true potential as so many others in his life had helped him to do has become his focus and inspired him to found Fruition Technology Labs.

Shabnam Fallahpour

Chief Financial Officer

Shabnam Fallahpour currently works as a problem solver, concept developer for a hardware software integrated startup called FoodGarage where she collaborates closely with the founders to further the business operations of the company. Shabnam is a MBA candidate at University of Houston-Downtown. She holds her BA from UHD and a leadership certificate from Gator Leadership Academy sponsored by University of Houston System. She has also graduated from National Society of Leadership and Success.

Originally from Iran, she has a diverse background, with experiences living and studying abroad. She is an intern for the Houston Technology Center, where she helped develop and manage the HTC-Skolkovo acceleration partnership as part of the new G.R.O. Houston initiative. Prior to her arrival in the U.S., she also studied business in Iran and worked in National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company.

Shabnam is a constant learner. She welcomes challenges and this spirit of hers has helped her to evolve her career as a mentor for startups. Shabnam believes in economic wellness for everyone. She trusts in Fruition Technology Labs’ vision and mission for the same reason; a hub for entrepreneurs and those who see ideas and are always moving forward to improve consumer experience more pleasant.

Shabnam finds peace in dancing and is mastering two ballroom dances. She also rides horses in her downtime.

Alyson Pearson

Chief Marketing Officer

Originally from Scotland, Alyson Pearson began her Marketing career just over 15 years ago at a content marketing agency in Edinburgh where she was both an Account Manager and Marketing Manager. Later on, Alyson made the decision to set up her own Marketing consultancy as her main passion was to work with entrepreneurs and businesses across a variety of sectors, helping them create marketing strategies that would not only deliver results but embody the passion of their founders.

Alyson is passionate about the content marketing approach by ensuring businesses give back with their marketing, rather than simply interrupting. Her strategy is centered around a simple premise - believe in the power of great content delivered at the right time. Information overload means today’s audiences are more discerning than ever before. Be relevant: timely and shareable content is the best way to engage with audiences and make brands stand out.

Alyson understands that you need to have resilience for when events don’t turn out as you expected - she expresses that you need to have a plan “B” and a plan “C” and to be able to work with what you’ve got, rather than to just give up. She says that companies need to be passionate about what they are working on and really believe in what they are trying to achieve and why they’re doing it - “if you don’t have a purpose, you’ll drift rather than constantly evolve” quotes Alyson.

Pearson says that she was drawn to Fruition because of it's vision and purpose, and is looking forward to being a part of helping businesses realize their potential.

Alyson enjoys traveling and exploring new places, and absolutely loves good coffee!

Tom Hickey

Chief Business Development Officer

Tom Hickey’s faith has played a great role in his drive to manifest meaningful relationships with people from all walks of life. From his postgraduate beginnings at a CPA firm to becoming a president and CEO, Tom has nurtured struggling businesses and provided them the tools and guidance to flourish in competitive markets throughout his impressive 35-year career. Tom’s ability to help increase profitability for a variety of enterprises, from specialty products in the food industry to computer services, demonstrates his deep understanding of not only a successful business framework but also the relationships within it. He also excelled in the acquisition of technologies and companies, taking businesses public and finding buyers for company shareholders.

Though currently retired, Tom continues to consult with developing companies and, as a mentor at Fruition Technology Labs, hopes to assist small businesses realize their own potential and make a difference in the world.