Fruition Associates

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Fruition associates deliver the strength and resources to launch your business. These hand picked individuals have the support and expertise demanded by startups like yours during the final and most chanllenging step of the Fruition process, LAUNCH. They will do EVERYTHING that is necessary to see that your business gets the customer attention it needs to sustain itself and grow.

Nicole Nguyen

Fruition Focus: Associate Business Developer

Nicole has always enjoyed working and making her own money from a young age. In high school, She worked as a hostess for a sushi restaurant as well as a "model" at Hollister (a cooler version of a sales associate). When She went to college, Nicole started a job as a pharmacy technician, then went on to becoming an optometry technician. After graduating college, She started working with Dr. Hai Nguyen at his periodontal office as his accountant. After assisting him with other businesses, She became interested in business development and sales.

Nicole believes that the most important qualities to have to achieve success in her career are persistence and hard work. She feels that there is always something that can be done to better yourself and better your surroundings. She finds the concept of Fruition Technology Labs very interesting and how it assists entrepreneurs plan and build their businesses. In many ways, helping people's dreams come true. Nicole is eager at Fruition to become a Business Development Super Hero to help people achieve these goals.

Nicole has danced classical ballet, jazz, hip hop, and traditional Chinese dance for 23 years and has a billboard on Hwy 59! She is also a character in the animated video game "Stronghold"

Lindsey Adams

Fruition Focus: Office Administrator

Lindsey Adams (Administrator for Fruition Technology Labs)- A University of Houston Senior with a strong ROTC background, Adams currently adminsters to the Fruition Technology Labs offices. With a background in nutrition, Adams had the privilege to intern with the Children’s Nutrition Research Center with Baylor College of Medicine. She also worked as a medical scribe at Memorial Hermann Southwest Emergency Center. Adams believes that hard work, commitment, and passion are the three most important qualities in order to succeed in life. She hopes to build her own business one day, and is eager for the opportunity to help small business's in Fruition Technology Labs to grow.