Advisory Team

No Company can reach its maximum potential without a seasoned team of advisors. Our Fruition Advisors are instrumental in guiding and supporting Fruition as we strategically as we strie to accomplish our vision. We envision a world where entrepreneurs and innovators, through the eyes of their communities, develop technologies that address the core needs of the people in view of their cultural, social, economic and political ecosystems

 Meet our talented and amazing team of Fruition Advisors below.

Yared Akalou

Industries: Human-Centered Design

Current Position: Cofounder

Yared is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background deeply rooted in user experience design. His prior experiences include co-founding Opening.Co, an emotion analytics service that measures engagement at work, and a consulting career that has developed services firmly grounded in a deep understanding of user, client, and context.  Yared is regularly invited to speak on various guest panels and lecture on the role design thinking (and doing) can play to continually innovate in today's digital economy. He is a recurring guest host on Breakthrough Radio, a live online radio show, where he shares the latest trends and forces shaping the Future of Workforce.  He is currently collaborating with a nationally recognized Ph.D data scientist to develop a machine learning algorithm and service for analyzing an employer’s brand. Yared is an advisor, mentor, and educator where continual learning and sharing is integral to his life’s work. 

As a Fruition Technology Labs advisor, Yared believes in Fruition’s mission as it aligns closely with his professional goal to apply human-centered strategies in order to solve societal issues on any scale. Working closely with start-up founders at Fruition, Yared aims to ensure new products meet real-world needs and create engaging experiences. Yared is a recovering ex-pat from Sao Paulo, Brazil and a student of martial arts.

Catherine Flowers

Industries: Consultant

Current Position: Consultant | Entrepreneur | Public Speaker | Leader | Advocate

Catherine Flowers, a big picture thinker, is a former executive who currently works as a consultant in Texas and Louisiana. With more than twenty years of successful nonprofit, government and corporate management experience, she is nationally recognized as an industry expert in Economic and Community Development.

A servant leader with moxie, Catherine is not afraid to serve as a catalyst for change. She was responsible for creating and managing the Department of Neighborhoods for the City of Houston. She was instrumental in engaging thousands of uninsured Texans to ensure their access to healthcare. She has created schools, affordable housing and other various opportunities for communities. Ms. Flowers has raised millions in capital for constituents. She also works closely with decision makers throughout the community representing non-profit organizations, national and local government, and small businesses. Catherine's advocacy and influence helps to build long term capacity to provide direct services to communities in need.

Although she has served a gamut of clients, her true passion is advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves. She serves as a board member of several non-profit organizations and a charter school as well as a court-appointed special advocate and big sister.

Currently, the word 'inspire' is the focus of her vision board. Long term mission: to win the USTA singles championship in the eighty-year-old division. ‎

Jim Prather

Industries: Accounting, Auditing, Retail, Finance, Technology, Advertising

Current Position: Co-Founder at Youdata, General Manager at Catapult Systems

Behind the titles, successes, and companies Jim Prather has worked to build in the past 30 years, Jim is overall a man of faith who values his family and the opportunity to work with people in all environments. An accounting graduate of The University of Texas’ Red McCombs School of Business in Austin, Jim launched his career at the CPA firm Deloitte and Touche as a Senior Manager, followed by stints at Pearson Inc. as Director of Audit Services and Corporate Controller and Mindscape, The Learning Company, and Mattel Interactive as each one’s CFO.

Jim forged new endeavors such as Avalon Advisors as a partner, Corporate Radar as president and co-founder and Fast Search & Transfer as Vice President of Strategic Accounts. In 2007, Jim co-founded Youdata, a cutting-edge digital advertising company that continues to reach new heights under his leadership. Jim also currently serves as General Manager at Catapult Systems, where he works with some of the most brilliant Microsoft, mobile and creative consultants nationwide.

Jim loves to stay active by traveling, playing golf and running with his three sons and his wife, with whom he had been happily married for 30 years. Since 1989, he has actively supported HOPE International and serves on their advisory board. Jim and his wife also support the Tree of Hope and Star of Hope charities.

As a CPA and CISA, working in and developing corporations of all sizes, Jim has a proven track record of establishing businesses and making them profitable. He enjoys working with people, turning conflicts into opportunities and watching people around him succeed in the midst of challenging situations. Jim eagerly awaits the opportunities to make an impact on future start-ups with Fruition Technology Labs.