Innovation in Energy comes to Houston

We are delighted to announce we have teamed up with The Mexican Energy Council (COMENER) and The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) on ‘Acceleration COMENER’; a programme which aims to promote development in the national hydrocarbons sector.
In January 2019, we will be hosting 15 chosen technology SMEs from Mexico, and taking them through an intensive 30 day program to help them develop their innovations ready for market. Wesley Okeke comments: ‘We are honored to have been selected as one of the partners for the COMENER program and are excited about the prospect of working with the top entrepreneurs in their field.
We have an outstanding curriculum put together and are bringing in a variety of advisors, investors, consultants and mentors to give these individuals unique insight.
Partnering with Fruition also gives the entrepreneurs the added competitive advantage of ensuring that the purpose-driven methodology becomes integral to their future business model, as we will take them through the stages of our unique 5-step process.
We understand from experience that adopting a purpose driven approach strengthens a company’s value proposition and enhances the success of the founder through-out their journey as an entrepreneur.
“The introduction of new technology and new solutions often come at the price of forgetting the people whom the product is designed to serve. Here at Fruition we focus on a long term, innovative infrastructure produced with community input and regular inspirational reminders for the team to ensure we are working for the people instead of getting lost in the process of business.” Wes O.


Technology levels the playing field

Human Hand Drawing New Idea Solution Concepts on Chalkboard BackgroundBrian Turyabagye from Uganda has designed a biomedical smart jacket which identifies pneumonia’s symptoms – temperature, breathing rate and sound of the lungs – diagnosing pneumonia at a rate three to four times faster than a doctor. The jacket is named ‘Mamaope’or ‘Mother’s Hope – in reference to the 27,000 children who die of pneumonia in Uganda every year.

Documented tech innovations like this one are becoming more and more frequent, regardless of the financial challenges, available resources or social and political climates globally. It is the beginning sign that technology levels the playing field when it comes to an idea, invention or an entrepreneur’s passion of concept to product.

Most people have by now realized how prevalent technology is being routinely used by people throughout the world. From a young age, girls and boys are not only excited and enthusiastic about the benefits that technology brings, but have become innovators and inventors themselves. Right here in Houston a few years ago I was among a group of judges who were amazed at the ideas and inventions that 2nd and 3rd graders had creatively and methodically drawn up and presented. The value of technology cannot be denied, as it opens up opportunities and unleashes potential in people who may not otherwise be able to access it.

I believe that launching new innovations and being successful is very possible, wherever you are and with whatever you have. In my early 20’s, I developed a small software program that solved a $300K-$400K per year problem for a national business chain. For me it was relatively simple to develop based on what was accessible to me, and for them it was a fix that was well worth it.

Here are a few ideals that I try to remember:

  • Know their pain:

Every community, town or country has needs specific to them. Study carefully what need is the most pressing and how your idea or invention would address the right pain points. It can be simple or complicated but if it is a big enough pain point, there will be a market. As mentioned, from personal experience even large business’ have areas of need and areas of pain that are unique and at times crippling to them. Know what they are!

  • Develop together: 

Diversity in developing the best technology is indispensable. From children to adults, different races, ages and genders working together can greatly increase the effectiveness of any Tech idea. Most of our best resources are nearby – search for them!

  • Start Now: 

Many great ideas remain in our minds,  in a file cabinet, a garage or in a box inside the closet somewhere. I always mention to my clients, the time to start is always now! Just find the right guidance and team to begin!

Next steps:
Is My idea(s) potentially disruptive? Take this 2 min quiz!

Fruition understands the challenges entrepreneurs, engineers and innovators face when it comes to taking your concept and transforming it into a disruptive product where its value clearly resonates with your customer.  We provide our proprietary 5 Step Process in the development of Tech Startups or the re-launching of any company regardless of the age of the business.

For more information visit or email Wesley at

iTEC – facilitating Innovation



We’re delighted to be co-hosting the first iTEC Conference, highlighting the true ingenuity of innovation throughout Texas, on Saturday November 10th 2018 2pm-6:30pm.

Fruition Founder Wesley Okeke explains the importance of holding events such as iTEC: “In order to facilitate innovation, barriers that prevent collaboration must be taken down and like-minded individuals need to be able to find each other.”  He adds: “We have engineers creating new inventions but keep them hidden, even at times from family and friends. We have entrepreneurs who would love to join or lead a startup but don’t have an idea of their own. Then we may have the idea generators who have countless ideas but do not know where to begin to get it going – they only know of an innovative idea that takes root. When these 3 types of individuals align, innovation flourishes and events like iTEC create the perfect environment for these groups to come together and bring Innovative ideas to reality.”

If you’ve not already got your ticket, you won’t want to miss this celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship happening in Houston. We’ve brought some of Houston’s most creative engineers and inventors together to showcase their ideas and network; and also have great speakers including NASA’s Technology Transfer Strategist Steven González and Smart Fashion and Wearable Technologies expert Sam Alexander. iTEC also has a Pitch Competition where the winner will win $5,000 and 3 free months of work space at Innovation Depot.

Limited tickets for this event are still available – you can register for free here:

“Day dreamers, artist, engineers, inventors, all have this in common”

Ideas—we have a brain filled with them. Some times too many ideas and all we are trying to do is focus on one! I have many memories right from my early teen years where I was doodling sketches of random ideas, up to being in a career and day dreaming about inventing the next greatest thing during long boring office meetings. I know that I cannot be the only one out there that has a traffic of ideas going through my mind. I consider myself a dreamer and a person that has this crazy notion of brighting up someones day or even more. Is it not why most of us love super hero movies.

Day dreamers, artist, engineers, inventors and those creative types like my wife who is an interior designer all have this in common, they want to burst that dream from the prison of their mind, design it, build it and set it in motion. If you are one of the many million creators out there and want that dream-idea to finally take shape, consider a reputable business incubator in your community. Don’t wait any longer, the dream is yours, so go make it a reality. (


Security Now Has a New Partner – Guardian Zone


Just like the rest of the world, since 9/11, I have watched foreign and domestic terrorism, school shootings and just unbridled violence take control of our peace of mind and turn us into nervous and suspicious people. We look at our neighbors with narrowed eyes trying to gauge if they can be trusted.   Do they wear a baseball cap, a hijab, turban or hoodie?

Guardian Zone has created a mobile application that answers the growing need for people in medium and large public places on how to protect themselves from criminal activity, lone shooters and terrorist attacks. It is a simple, intuitive product that allows users during high stress to connect immediately with venue security.

No matter where you sit right now, in the past few months or years, you have questioned if you are safe.   Maybe as you strolled through the mall, went to a concert, sent your children to school or you entered the high rise building where you work in the city, you asked yourself what would you do if a lone shooter entered your life to wreak havoc.   Law enforcement is overburdened with the same questions, knowing they can’t save everyone every time. Realizing they can’t predict where the next tragedy will take place. So, what do you do? Guardian Zone wants to be part of your solution. We want to help smartphone users with our app immediately contact venue security during these emergencies or threats. Guardian Zone wants to empower its app users, to give them some control and allow them to be the eyes and ears of venue security

On 9/11, I was serving in the U.S. Consulate in Mexico when we received a bomb threat.   All members of the U.S. mission were asked to scour our immediate environment looking for anything out of the ordinary.   At first, I thought, what am I doing? I don’t want to find the bomb. But little by little as I moved boxes from deliveries past, I began to feel empowered. I was taking a role in my own security, and from that day forward, I looked at my relationship with venue security and law enforcement differently, as a partnership. Guardian Zone allows for casual visitors to medium or large venues to become a part of a venue’s temporary network in order to communicate with security via their Guardian Zone app. Most importantly, Guardian Zone app users do not need to be a part of an established community.

In 2015, DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier said it best, when she said, “Your options are run, hide, or fight”. “Confronted with the rash of school and workplace “soft-target” shooting scenarios that now include possible terrorist acts like those in Paris, police departments are no longer preaching the passive approach of calling 911. Active shooters like the terrorists in Paris call for more active responses, including running away, hiding or actually attacking the attacker.” Watch the full interview that aired on November 22, 2015 at

The men and women in blue will continue to do their best to protect us, but I believe we need to start thinking about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones until the cavalry arrives.   Our lives depend on it.

Sheryl Maas CEO Guardian Zone  (

Two Security Tips to Keep in mind

  1. When in large venues with the family, do you have a designated meeting point in case someone gets separated from the group?   If you have small children, take a picture of them with your smartphone, so security can have an actual photo of the child and what they are wearing.
  2. Workplace violence is very real and on the rise. Do you know where all the exits are at your company and where they lead? Does your company have a security guard and do you know how to contact them?



a fruition client company

Social challenges now being conquered by newer Innovations

Recycle Reduce Reuse Eco Friendly Natural Saving Go Green Concep

Did you know that many of the world’s biggest challenges and needs are currently being solved by technology and innovation? Technology has made great leaps over the years. Here are some problems you should know that are on the verge of being rectified:

Access to Clean Water

A growing number of portable filtration devices now exist that are inexpensive to produce and that don’t require things like electricity or batteries. Check out LifeStraw and LifeSaver. Plus there are great strides being made using current technology Purewaters (coming soon) that is aimed to increase access to clean water around the world, but what’s most compelling about some of these portable options is how much they simplify and secure the access to clean water.


Let’s face it. Global education needs some help. Luckily, education innovators are working around the clock to develop apps, affordable internet-enabled devices for classrooms, open courseware, and new ways to measure student growth and target instruction to them better. Check out DezPhonics to see the impact it is set to have on literacy. And check out some of the EdTech trends that are shaking things up right now.

Alternative Energy

Solar is getting bigger and better. Wind power is going strong. People are building smarter grids. Businesses and building are switching to green energy, which is providing companies with increased capital to innovate. Things are looking good on the alternative energy front.

Access to Healthcare

Mobile technology is totally revolutionizing access to healthcare around the world. It allows healthcare practitioners to have access to data, information about health conditions, and information about treatments at their fingertips, no matter where they are. It also allows doctors and other experts to provide consultations to people remotely and ultimately extend the reach of their expert care.

Additionally, pharmaceutical innovations that eliminate the need for refrigeration of medicine are dramatically increasing access to critical cures to diseases worldwide.

Maternal Health

The past few years ago have been enormously impactful when it comes to maternal health in the developing world and elsewhere. Low-cost technology now exists that can provide healthcare screenings and imaging for pregnant women as well as gauge neonatal health. This information helps insure that the health is better preserved for mothers and babies. Plus, innovators like Obella Inc. are working tirelessly to spread iometric-detection technology for babies in utero.

Join us in spreading the word about the power of technology and it’s ability to make a great Impact in our world! 

Entrepreneur + Collaboration = Burnout Prevention + Personal Growth + Damage Control +Creativity Multiplied + Doing What You Do Best!

Teamwork Team Together Collaboration Meeting Office Brainstormin

“Collaboration is important not just because it’s a better way to learn. The spirit of collaboration is penetrating every institution and all of our lives. So learning to collaborate is part of equipping yourself for effectiveness, problem solving, innovation and life-long learning in an ever-changing networked economy.”

- Don Tapscott

No one is an island. There are benefits to getting the job done yourself at times, but, oftentimes, collaborating can make a world of difference when it comes to actually making the greatest impact. Plus, collaboration can push and pull you in ways you didn’t expect. We have so much to learn from each other. If you’re deciding whether or not to make your startup or big idea a collaborative effort, here are five benefits of collaboration you should consider:

1. Burnout Prevention

If you’re running a startup or deploying an invention, you obviously have a tremendous amount on your plate. Asking colleagues, mentors, and other people who are qualified to help to collaborate with you will help you avoid getting in over your head.

2. Damage Control

We all have blind spots. Other great minds will many times see things you don’t. They can help make you aware of potential challenges and pitfalls, and they can help you develop a game plan to outsmart what you’re up against. Many years ago as a young manager, the owner of a company gave me some great advice “Have people around you that are as smart as you or smarter than you” that advice has saved me from many pitfalls.

3. Personal Growth

Working in a vacuum means you don’t have the opportunity to learn and grow quite as much as you do when you’re working with other people. Collaborating gives you the chance to learn new skills, new communication techniques, and maybe some things about life from the people you’re working with.

4. Creativity Multiplied

Collaboration allows for new creative ideas to arise that will ultimately influence your overall success. Your team will help you come up with more creative solutions to problems, creative ways of marketing yourself, and creative ways of delivering your product or service. When we work together, our creativity multiplies in some unimaginable ways.

5. Doing What You Do Best

When you’re collaborating, you usually get to spend more time doing what you do best.  You’re sharing the workload and offloading what isn’t your forte to people who are better equipped to handle it. This can be a tremendous gift because it allows you to focus on where you can truly have the most influence.

Need help as an entrepreneur? We’d love to meet you! Get in touch with us at Fruition Technology Labs!

EdTech trends that are making a Global Impact

Group Of Elementary School Children In Computer Class

EdTech Trends That Will Continue to Revolutionize Global Education

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

-Albert Einstein

The time to change the way we think about education is NOW! Technology has the power to completely change global education and produce a global generation that’s more educated, innovative, and productive than ever. And technology already exists that’s ready to shake things up. Here are some of the key EdTech players we can expect to play a tremendous role in the global education revolution in coming years:

Adaptive Learning Platforms

Adaptive learning platforms are absolutely the way of the future. These platforms offer tailored instruction, content, and assessments based on individual student performance. They give students instruction and reinforcement based on their particular needs. They also collect valuable data for educators to analyze to better meet their students’ needs.

These platforms have the power to harness “big data” related to learning in a way that hasn’t been possible before. And they have the potential to completely change the way educators develop curriculum based on this data. Not to mention, these platforms can have a far-reaching impact, changing education for all of the students and teachers who have access to them globally.

MOOCs Lyrics

Massive open online courses (MOOCs) give students around the world access to course content taught by some of the most renowned movers and shakers in higher education. Right now, around a third of people who participate in MOOCs live in North America, and 2/3 of participants live elsewhere in the world, according to ICEF. The number of international participants is growing, and, as it grows, we can expect some exciting things from this increased global access to rigorous university courses.

As major universities like Oxford , Harvard, and MIT increase their course offerings on MOOC platforms, we’ll also likely see a shift in the way people view access to the highest quality of education. It will increasingly become not something just for the elite but something for everyone.

Mobile Learning Apps

According to some estimates, almost 70% of people will use smartphones by 2017. In many places of the world, access to computers and wireless internet is a lot less common than access to smartphones and internet networks offered by mobile providers. This means that mobile learning apps have the potential to reach the majority of people who can benefit from them, and this means that mobile learning apps have the potential to completely revolutionize education in the developing world. Investing research and STEM talent in these apps now will have a tremendous return on global education’s future.  See

So, who’s ready to embrace these EdTech trends and see how far they can take us? Join us at Fruition Technology Labs as we use technology to help change how people think about education!

Global Impact starts with a Global Mindset

Footprint on the world

Don’t underestimate the power of your vision to change the world. Whether that world is your office, your community, an industry or a global movement, you need to have a core belief that what you contribute can fundamentally change the paradigm or way of thinking about problems.

-        Leroy Hood, American biologist

Inventors and entrepreneurs, how far does your vision reach? In 2015, there’s absolutely no reason not to think on a global scale!

Technology now enables your idea or product to reach almost every corner of the earth quickly and effortlessly.  With nearly 3 billion people worldwide who have access to the Internet, why not try to impact as many of them as possible? Your product will more likely have less obstacles to launch today and, with a larger customer base, reach the people who need it most. I like the way American author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau states it: “You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.”

Top tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Skype know it’s essential to target people on a global scale.  We have all witnessed the impact on lives around the world because of the global mindset under which these companies operate.  They’re connecting people in ways many of us could never have imagined.

So if you have an innovative idea or product, don’t just look at its value from a local point of view. Research its possible impact on other countries, peoples and societies. You will be amazed at the great change you could bring about. It’s especially critical to think globally if you’re a social entrepreneur or an inventor who wants to make a global impact someday. The world needs your educational software, your medical device, your alternative energy source or whatever new innovation you may be bringing to the table now – and today you have the tools to make that happen.

It’s easy today to connect and collaborate with entrepreneurs, inventors and mentors on a global scale. Why not expand your network and reach out to like-minded people in Sweden, India, Africa or Australia?

At Fruition, we believe it’s essential to have a global focus. If you need our help, we will refine your idea to ensure that it reaches as many of the people who need it as possible.

Global thinking will change you for the better, and it just might help change the world for the better, too.



5 Key Differences Between Innovators and Imitators

Think Outside The Box Tic Tac Toe Concept

5 Key Differences Between Innovators and Imitators

Know the difference between an innovator and an imitator? At Fruition Technology Labs, we do! Although we there’s nothing wrong with being an imitator that improves technology we are always amazed about working with innovators, people who truly shake things up with their inventions. So, we’ve noticed a few differences between innovators and imitators. Here are 5 of them.

1. Innovators take a step forward, Imitators simply add to the conversation. They do not typically start the conversation. They may improve upon what already exists, but they can’t take credit for creating it. There have been many smartphones made before and after the iPhone, though the iPhone in my mind is clearly an innovative product. Those that came after the Phone have certainly seen their share of success, but they weren’t the first on the market. And, if you ask iPhone enthusiasts, the innovators are still winning over the imitators in the realm of smartphones.

2. Innovators aren’t afraid of failure.  In fact, innovators know failure is absolutely critical to success. It’s a lot easier to avoid failure when you’re simply improving upon what’s already out there. When you’re creating something new, though, failure is almost inevitable. What innovators learn from failure is ultimately what makes their contributions to the world so great.

3. Innovators have a vision and sometimes only they can see it. They work tirelessly to achieve a goal and to create something that’s going to impact the world. Imitators may not have that same kind of vision. They do see how an innovation could be changed to better suit people’s needs, and they go from there. But they often don’t have the same kind of unique vision innovators have.

4. Innovators think towards the future. Their vision involves a future world in which they’re fulfilling some need. They tend to think twenty steps ahead of everybody else, and they create things that no one ever would have dreamed of. In some ways, they think about the future, and then they create it. They can do this because they have a keen understanding of what the future might look like and how their invention will fit into it.

5. Innovators change things. Their discoveries and inventions alter the world, as we know it. Without Alan Turing, an innovator, we might not even have access to personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. Turing’s innovations allowed other innovators to create the technology that’s so indispensable in to our lives today. And it allowed imitators to fine-tune that technology in exciting ways. Without Turing’s initial innovation, however, we arguably wouldn’t be where we are today.

Think you’re an innovator? We’d love to meet you! Get in touch with us at Fruition Technology Labs!